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FOILED | GENP0029 | Bill Payment Reminders | Water Bill
FOILED | GENP0029 | Bill Payment Reminders | Water Bill

FOILED | GENP0029 | Bill Payment Reminders | Water Bill

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Description: There are two kinds of people in the world, people who forget things and those who...dammit, I know this.. Tired of forgetting? Grab yourself some handy reminder stickers! Quick, while you remember.

You can drink it, bathe in it, cook with it.. That’s enough about wine though. I suppose water is okay when the wine runs out. 

Sheet Size: Approx. 9.5cm wide / 8.5cm high
Individual Sticker Size: Approx. 3.7cm wide and 0.9cm high.
Paper Type: Foiled stickers are available in Standard Matte (click here for information)
Foil Colour Options: Gold / Rose Gold / Silver Holo / Rainbow

*Colours on printed product may be slightly different to what you see on your screen. This can be due to differences in device screens and also due to different paper types.

*No invoice will be sent with your order to reduce postage costs and avoid waste. If you would like to print your own invoice please contact us and we will email one through for you.

Foiled Stickers Note: 
Please note that our stickers are foiled by hand and occasionally some minor imperfections may be visible as a result of this process. 
Rainbow foil will be random. That is, your sheet may not be identical to the preview as the different colours will likely not be in the same position each time a sheet is foiled.

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